✨Intention Angels✨

Intention Angels are handcrafted angels that have been made with love.

There are 6 different Angels/Intentions in the range. (7 different crystals)

Each Angel is completely unique as they are individually made. So, no two Angels are ever the same.

Intention Angels all differ slightly in size but average about 21cms long x 15cms wide.

Each Intention Angel comes with a crystal on it and an intention card with affirmations so you can work with your Angel at home.

All Angels have been cleansed with sage and their intention set on them to support you in your daily practice.

To keep your Angel charged up with its intention.

Each month put it on a windowsill under the rays of the full moon and say the intention it comes with out loud to reset its energetic intention💫✨

Available only in NZ.


Angel of Love

This absolute beauty is pretty in pink and very connected to feminine energy.

The intention has been set around self-love as that is where your magic unfolds

It also comes with a stunning Rose Quartz - stone of Love

The affirmation that this Intention Angel comes with is….

I am willing to love myself first as that is where the magic unfolds.

I am worthy.

I am loveable.

I am free to be me.

Angel of Protection

This popular stunner will give you protection within yourself and your surroundings, guiding you to speak your inner truth It also comes with an eye catching Blue Fluorite Crystal which is an eye catching vivid blue crystal the presents the throat chakra and connecting to your voice

The affirmation that this Intention Angel comes with is….

I am protected by an aura of peace and wellbeing within myself and my surroundings.

I am being divinely guided to speak my inner truth.

Angel of Power

This beauty is powerful in so many ways.

Not only is this Intention Angel red in colour for the root chakra, it will also have you grounded to Mother Gaia in your daily practice in no time!

It also comes with the super magical Peacock Ore.

It encourages us to enjoy the present, live for the moment and also shifts negative energy and transforms it into positive, useful energy. Bringing awareness to our perceptions.

A very powerful stone

The affirmation that this Intention Angel comes with is….

I welcome the energy and vitality from Mother Gia to flow through me.

Connecting to nature is my power source.

Angel of Balance

This Jade green goddess will guide you to align your energy flow into more balance

She also comes with a beautiful green Buddstone crystal that connects all your chakras for overall well-being

The affirmation that this Intention Angel comes with is….

My inner and outer energies are aligned.

I hold space for tranquility, peace and harmony in all areas of my life.

Angel of Clarity

This Angel comes in either a Natural Citrine Crystal or a Heat-Treated Crystal. You choose which one your feel called to!

This golden beauty will give you clarity of mind, expanding your awareness around unconscious assumptions as it provides pure insight

It also comes with a gorgeous Citrine crystal which gives mental clarity.

Being in contact with this light generating crystal it will boost your creativity, visualisation powers and confidence.

The affirmation card that comes with this Intention Angel is….

I allow my intuition and the angels to show me what I physically cannot see.

I let go of all assumptions and invite in pure insight.

Angel of Ease

This sage green Angel will guide you to release trauma you have been carrying that is no longer serving you

It also comes with a beautiful Fuchsite crystal

The affirmation card that comes with this Intention Angel is….

I release all physical and emotional trauma that no longer serves me.

I am present and free.


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